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Standard Operating Procedures

We have made some of the lab's more common protocols available electronically. Check back often, as we are always updating existing current protocols as well as adding new ones.  

General Lab Policies and Cell Culture

Adoptive Transfer Protocol Part 1

Adoptive Transfer Protocol Part 2 (DC cell isolation)

Controlled Substances Guidelines

Henry Schein Form222 Instructions/Checklist

Histology Services Instructions

Maintenance of CO Monitors

Pharmacy Orders

Tissue Factor Assay Reagents

Mouse Splenocyte Seperation Protocol

Research Histology Services

RNA Extraction and Quantification, Reverse Transciption, and Real-time PCR

RNA Isolation from Tissue Samples

Western Blot Protocol

Animal Research and Animal Models Procedures

CAMs Cage Card Return Policy - Optomized to reflect the two cage card system utilyzed by the Billiar lab, but still relevant information for all animal users.

Cecal Ligation and Puncture

Ferric Chloride Thrombosis Surgical Procedure

Hemorrhagic Shock with Bilateral Femur Fracture and Soft Tissue Injury Protocol

Hemorrhagic Shock with Pseudofracture and Soft Tissue Injury Protocol

Hepatocyte Concentrations and Volumes

Irradiation of Rodents Protocol

Liver Ischemia and Reperfusion Protocol

Mouse Hepatocytes Protocol *Updated March 2015*

Mouse Nonparenchymal Cell (NPC) Protocol

Mouse Organ Harvest Protocol

Polytrauma/WashU Protocol (Psuedofracture and Soft Tissue Injury with Cardiac Puncture Hemorrhagic Shock and Liver Crush)

Psuedofracture and Soft Tissure Injury Protocol

Rat Hepatocytes Protocol

SOP for Animal Facility CO Chamber

Tissue Harvest and Preparation Protocol

Tissue Harvest and Prepartaion Protocol (Per VMI) *2015

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If there is a protocol that is incorrect, please let Alicia Frank know and she will correct it.  

If you have a protocol that is not listed and wish to share it with the labs, please email it to Alicia Frank.