Yoram Vodovotz, PhD

Fax: 412-383-5946

W944 Biomedical Sciences Tower

200 Lothrop St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Professor of Surgery


PhD (Immunology) Cornell University Graduate School of Medical Sciences

BS (Biochemistry) University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research Summary

Yoram Vodovotz, Ph.D., is a Professor of Surgery, Immunology, Computational and Systems Biology, Bioengineering, Clinical and Translational Science, and Communication Science and Disorders at the University of Pittsburgh. His research interests include the biology of acute inflammation in shock states, chronic inflammatory diseases, wound healing, malaria, and restenosis. His work utilizes mathematical modeling to unify and gain insight into the biological interactions that characterize these inflammatory conditions. As the Director of the Center for Inflammation and Regenerative Modeling (CIRM) at the University of Pittsburgh’s McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine, he has been involved in the mathematical modeling of acute inflammatory states (e.g. septic or hemorrhagic shock, wound healing), including cellular and physiological elements, as part of a large, interdisciplinary collaborative team. He is also a co-founder of Immunetrics, Inc., a company that is commercializing this mathematical modeling work. He is currently the President of the Society for Complexity in Acute Illness.

Lab Affiliation

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