Richard A. Shapiro

Fax: 412-864-0659


Research Instructor



Research Summary

Along with contributing 37 years of technical experience, my primary research role in the lab is to produce recomibinant vectors for protein expression and purification as well as vectors used in the production of conditional knockout mice.   

Lab Affiliation


“Calcium/Calmodulin-Dependant Protein Kinsae (CaMK) IV Mediates Nucleoplastic Shuttling and Release of HMGB1 during Liopolysacharide Stimulation of Macrophages”. Xianghong Zhang, David Wheeler, Ying Tang, Lanping Guo, Richard A. Shapiro, Thomas J. Ribar, Anthony R. Means, Timothy R. Billiar, Derek C. Angus, and Matthew R. Rosengart. J Immunlogy, Oct 2008; 5015-5023

“Endotoxin uptake in mouse liver is blocked by endotoxin pretreatment through a suppressor of cytokine signaling-1 dependent mechanism”. Melanie J. Scott, Shubing Liu, Richard A. Shapiro, Yoram Vodovotz, Timothy R. Billiar. Hepatology, 49(5):1695-708, May 2009.

“Toll-like receptor-4 inhibits enterocyte proliferation via impaired beta-catenin signalling in necrotizing enterocolitis”. Sodhi CP, Shi XH, richardson WM, Grant ZS, Shapiro RA, Prindle T Jr, Branca M, russo A Gribar SC, Hackam DJ, 138(1):185-96, January 2010.

“Extracellular high mobility group box-1 (HMGB1) inhibits enterocyte migration via activation of Toll-like receptor -4 and increased cell-matrix adhesiveness”, Dai S, Sodhi C, Cetin S, richardson W, Branca M, Neal MD, Prindle T, Ma C, Shapiro RA, Li B, Wang JH, Hackam DJ, J. Biol. Chem., 12;285(7):4995-5002, February 2010.

 “Models of Lower Extremity Damage in Mice: Time Course of Organ Damage and Immune Response”. Menzel CL, Pfeifer R, Darwiche SS, Kobbe P, Gill R, Shapiro RA, Loughran P, Vodovotz Y Scott MJ, Zenati MS, Billiar TR, Pape HC, J. Surg. Res, 166(2):149-156, April 2011.