Matthew D. Neal

Fax: 412-647-3247

F1271.2 PUH

200 Lothrop Street

Pittsburgh, Pa 15213

Assistant Professor of Surgery and Critical Medicine


BS - Georgetown University

MD - University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Residency - UPMC General Surgery

Post-doctoral Fellowship - Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh (Mentor: David J. Hackam, MD, PhD)

Fellowship - UPMC Surgical Critical Care


Grant information:  1R35GM119526-01 NIH

Title:  Mechanistic Elucidation and Targeted Therapy of Platelet Dysfunction After Trauma 

Role in project:  Principal Investigator

Years inclusive:  2016-2021

Grant information:  1 R21 HL133891-01 (Clermont, Parker)

Title:  Endotypes of thrombocytopenia in the critically ill

Role in project:  Co-Investigator

Years inclusive:  2016-2018

Grant information:  Vascular Medicine Institute Pilot Project Program in Hemostasis and Vascular Biology (P3HVB)         

Title:  Platelet derived HMGB1 regulates thrombosis and organ injury following trauma and hemorrhagic shock
Role in project:  Principal Investigator

Years inclusive:  2015-2017

Grant information:  Janssen Investigator Initiated Study (Industry sponsored)   

Title:  Utilization of thromboelastography to monitor Rivaroxaban activity in trauma and emergency surgery

Role in project:  Principal Investigator

Years inclusive:  2016-2018

Grant information:  UM1HL120877-01 (Mann, Esmon, Wisniewski (PIs))

Title:  Analysis and Characterization of Trauma-Induced Coagulopathy

Role in project:  Co-Investigator

Years inclusive:  2013-2018

Research Summary

My lab focuses on the mechanisms of organ failure and coagulopathy following trauma and hemorrhage.  Specifically, we are interested in the role of innate immune activation in the regulation of hemostasis and thrombosis. We are particularly interested in platelet biology in sterile injury and sepsis.   In addition, I have a translational research interest in outcomes following massive transfusion and the clinical assessment of coagulation defects in trauma and sepsis.

Lab Affiliation

Lab Role

Principal Investigator


Vogel S, Bodenstein R, Chen Q., Feil S, Feil R, Rehinlaender J, Schaffer TE, Bohn E, Frick JS, Borst O, Munzer P, Walker B, Markel J, Csanyi G, Pagano PJ, Loughran P, Jessup ME, Watkins SC, Bullock GC, Sperry JL, Zuckerbraun BS, Billiar TR, Lotze MT, Gawaz M, Neal MD. Platelet-derived HMGB1 is a critical mediator of thrombosis. J Clin Invest. 2015 Dec;125(12):4638-54.

Ding N, Chen G, Hoffman R, Loughran PA, Sodhi CP, Hackam DJ, Billiar TR, Neal MD.  TLR4   Regulates Platelet Activation and Contributes to Coagulation Abnormality and Organ Injury in Hemorrhagic Shock and Resuscitation.  Circulation: Cardiovasc Gen.  2014 Oct:7(5):615-24.

Neal MD, Jia H, Eyer B, Good M, Guerriero C, Sodhi CP, Afrazi A, Prindle T, Ma C, Branca M, Ozolek J, Brodsky J, Wipf P, Hackam DJ.  Discovery and Validation of a New Class of Small Molecule TLR4 Inhibitors.  PLoS One.  2013 Jun 12;8(6):e65779. 

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Neal MD, Sodhi CP, Dyer M, Egan C, Good M, Afrazi A, Yazji I, Ma C, Branca M, Grant Z, Prindle T,     Hackam DJ.  Toll-like Receptor 4 is Expressed on Intestinal Stem Cells and Regulates Their Proliferation and Apoptosis through the p53 Upregulated Modulator of Apoptosis.  J Biol Chem. 2012 Oct 26;287(44):37296-308.

Neal MD, Leaphart C, Billiar TR, Levy R, Prince J, Schreiber A, Ford HR,  Hackam DJ.  Toll like receptor 4 (TLR4) mediates the phagocytosis of gram negative bacteria by intestinal epithelial cells. J Immunol. 2006 Mar 1;176(5):3070-3079.  Cover