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Poster Award Winners


  • Stephanie Downs-Canner - "The Tumor-Driven Conversion of TH17 cells into Tregs"
  • Hai Huang - "DAMPs-activated Neutorphil Extracellular Trap Exacerbates Sterile Inflammatory Liver Injury"
  • Patrick Varley - "Unexplained Heterogeneity in Late Survival for Early Stage Pancreatic Cancer"


  • Khalid Almahmoud - "Impact of Severity on Dynamic Inflammation Networks Following Blunt Trauma"
  • Mostafa Ramadan - "B cells play an organ protective role in Trauma + Hemorrhagic Shock"
  • Alexandra Dreyzin - "Long-Term Outcomes and Predictors in Pediatric Liver Re-Transplantation"
  • Hongpeng Jia - "Deletion of HMGB1 from the Intestinal Epithelium Exacerbates Experimental Necrotizing Enterocolitis In The Newborn Gut but Protects the Lung from Inflammation"


  • Sean Whelan
  • Rob Klune
  • Shahab Shaffiey